KNKX NPR 88.5 Article on April 29, 2017  READ
We are changing all of the time. We are shaped by new experiences, people we meet, the work that we do. You might start a career thinking you love what you do – and years later have a completely different opinion. This is what happened to Father Antonio Illas.

Real Change Article on March 29, 2017  READ
More than 600 jurisdictions in the United States have declared sanctuary status, refusing to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement. March 21, residents of Auburn held a town hall meeting in St. Matthew Episcopal Church to discuss a proposed ordinance that would do the same in this South King County town of about 75,000 people.

KUOW Interview on March 22, 2017 LISTEN
Bill Radke talks with Father Antonio Illas of Auburn’s Saint Matthew-San Mateo Episcopal Church. Before entering the priesthood, he worked for 25 years as a federal immigration agent in New York City.

Seattle Times Article on February 26, 2017   READ
Deportation threat inspires new ‘sanctuary’ response in Seattle area. As some in the Seattle area face the threat of deportation and prepare for the worst, a new sanctuary movement is arising among churches and other institutions to support and, if need be, shelter them.

Auburn Reporter Article on September 4, 2016  READ
New vicar has vision to do more for the community. Antonio Illas has worn many clothes and fulfilled different duties to help others. It’s just his nature. Long before becoming a padre, he was a sergeant in the military and a federal agent with the U.S. government who responded to the plights of others.